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Writer buds Mike Knoll and Madison Jones pitch sequel and prequel ideas for films that they think deserve one. They’re wrong. Releases every Monday.


November 23, 2020

Son in Law 2:The Farm Crawl

Hey buuuuuuuuudies! The Equelizers throw off their Baja hoodies and go to the farm this week as they tackle the sequel to the Thanksgiving and Pauly Shore classic that you may have missed, Son in Law (1993). This week has it all; The Pauly Shore movie-verse, the first canonical Power Rangers movie, and an app that helps you find the best charcuterie places in the LA area, and more!


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The road so far leads to the Fishin' Hole as The Equelizers sit awhile on the porch and whittle a crossover sequel to the TV movie Return to Mayberry. This week has it all: Knotts or Not, Goober's Hologram Sweat, and canonically the best characters of the Supernatural franchise!

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There Is a Time

The Dillard Boys "Old Home Place"

Avicii "Hey Brother"

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November 9, 2020

Oz The Great and Powerful 2

Click those heels Freakquels because we are manifesting the sequel to the 2013 fantasy adventure Oz the Great and Powerful (2013). This week has it all; Thicker witches, time paradoxes, and Madison did a bad and they're sorry!

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It's time to turn to the page and get deep into fairy-lore this week as we write the next volume in Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) franchise. This week has it all; Short Martin, goblincide, and even a giant turtle!

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October 27, 2020

Ready or Not 2: You’re It!

Run run run as fast you can this week Freakquels because we are getting a little spooky this week as we sequlize the 2019 horror/thriller Ready or Not. This week has it all; Mike's school of comedy, Not Margot Robbie, Madison's pro hiding strats, and more!. Also, this isn't a Lord of the Rings prequel STOP ASKING!

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The Equelizers prepare for their next duel at sunset, taking on both a sequel to the 2011's The Three Musketeers and a prequel to 1998's The Man in the Iron Mask, this week as they attempt to bridge the gap between these two Dumasian tales. This week has it all; Gérard Depardieu fan club, a hot air balloon prison break, and we basically made Revenge of the Sith accidentally. 

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So we are pretty sure no one told you this sequel was going to be this way this way this week Freakquels. Don't turn that dial because this week we are channel surfing our way into a sequel to the 1998 film Pleasantville. This week has it all; Actual Lich Don Knotts, a burning bush, and a whole lot of self-reflection by some of your favorite 90s characters.

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It's beaver urine and chicken nuggets all around as The Equelizers go hunting in The Kid Who Would Be King: The Questing Beast! This week has it all: children earnestly discussing chivalry, Madison hates Bedders, and Dev Patel is robbed again of the chance to be the Green Knight!

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September 28, 2020

Mortal Engines: Viva La Veg

Make sure you worship your American yellow tic-tac gods before the city of The Equelizers consumes and reuses 2018's post-apocalyptic flick Mortal Engines. This week has it all; Madison's one-time-use plastic glasses, When Hagrid met Newt Scamander, and sword master Maggie Smith

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September 21, 2020

Dragonball: The Vegeta

DBE readers to the ready, Freakquels as The Equelizers find the only way to somehow make the Dragonball: Evolution franchise worse with Dragonball: The Vegeta. This week has it all: Chakra Brats, Piccolo's Sybian, and an old friend leaves their post to join the fray!

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